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Content – Why Do I Need It On My Website?

Why do I need content? My website says where I am and what I do. Why do I need ‘content’ as well?

I hear some variation on that theme from most of my clients when we start our working relationship. It is a valid series of questions, especially when you first bring your business online. You work in the real world where people see an advert, walk into your premises or give you a call. They come in, you meet, you talk, you find out their needs and tell them what you can do to help them – and that is why you need content.

Personal Interaction

A website with no content is a cold and lonely place, it might look pretty but there is no interaction, it is just a list of facts about your business. It doesn’t tell them exactly what you do, how you do it and what makes you the best. Your website may well look good but that will not create a rapport with your customer. When someone walks through your door you begin a relationship that will ultimately lead to doing business. Your content starts creating that relationship for you when you are not present. It is what will make you stand out above your competitors.

Content Demonstrates Knowledge

Visitors to your site need to know how well you understand your business. If they are going to buy from you, they need to believe you will give them advice based on knowledge, not just a desire to take their money. You prove that knowledge to them by sharing it in the content on your website and social media.

Show You Care

When someone comes to your site, they want to know that you understand their needs. You must show them you will give them what they want out of the relationship that is about to be born. Your content tells them about your philosophy, your business ethics, how much you care about what you do. If your potential customer believes you care about what you do, they will believe you care about what they want.

Create Trust

The foundation of any good business relationship is trust. It is even more crucial when you are not face to face with your customer. Good quality content, freely available to your client, is one of the foundations of building trust. The simple fact that you share your knowledge goes a long way towards fostering a good relationship. Your job in a commercial relationship is to provide something missing from your clients world. Your content tells them how you will do this, and the effort you will make to fulfill their needs.

Social Media

Content isn’t just for your website. To develop a good web presence for your business in the current market you need to be active on Social Media. Providing useful information will attract customers to your business. A constant stream of marketing messages will not work, you need to foster a relationship. Useful snippets of information, stories and comments will make your business far more real. Your customers will become involved with you and your business. They will go to your website predisposed to form a deeper connection leading to a profitable relationship for both of you. With luck they will also share their positive experiences in the form of reviews and comments on social media. Your customers will become your sales force.

Delight The Search Engines

Not least of the benefits of good quality content is that it will delight the search engines. You must never forget you produce content for customers first as they are the ones with wallets, the search engines come second. Relevant content is the favourite food of search engines, they love information that tells people something useful. If you give them a steady diet of it, they will bring visitors to your site.

A constant stream of useful information is the best way to get customers to your website. Once you have them there you can form the trusting relationship needed before they will buy from you – that is why you need content.

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