Content Creation For Every Platform -

Content Creation For Every Platform

Research and  high quality content creation is essential in promoting your business. Once you have attracted visitors, you need the right content in the right place to keep them engaged so you can achieve your aims. Properly targeted content also allows the Search Engines to identify your site as the best one to place well in the rankings.

Content Creation – Most Popular Requests

We can produce multimedia or written copy as required, the most popular being:-

Social Media

Each Social Media platform needs content that is appropriate to both it’s user base and style. 140 well directed characters is brilliant for Twitter but doesn’t go down so well on Instagram. Well crafted images are essential for Pinterest, LinkedIn users want a more in depth written piece.

We will produce individual items, one off campaigns or a managed program on your behalf.

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Good quality Articles are at the heart of any content strategy. They can be published in a number of locations to help promote your site. Each of these platforms has specific requirements, targeted to specific audiences. You must bear these in mind along with cross platform requirements and Search Engine Optimisation. Your articles need to be well researched, well written and most of all, engaging.

We will produce the articles for you, and if required place them in suitable locations as part of an ongoing SEO or Content Marketing campaign.

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Website Content – Initial and Ongoing

Once the basics are in place your ongoing Website Content should be a natural follow on from the social media, article or link that brought visitors to your site. It should be relevant to your business, drawing the reader in and providing value. Attention spans are short on the web so you need to make an effective impact a soon as possible.

We will research and produce one off items, or linked sets of content for Social media and your site.

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Premium Content

Initial web content should leave your visitors wanting more. In some cases that is your product or service, but it might be more in-depth or even premium content. White Papers, helping readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision, can fulfill this need. They can be an effective tool in promoting long term reader engagement. White papers can be very effective in obtaining leads for your email marketing efforts.

In addition to providing you with premium content we can help you set up email marketing or sales campaigns.

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EBooks are the product or marketing tool of choice for many online businesses and are useful in many ways. They need to be well written, providing valuable information and promoting your business. The best promotional EBooks market without selling, converting a reader into a customer. Like White papers they can be used in marketing and promotional efforts or be a free standing product.

We work with you to produce an eBook that will achieve your aims.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is currently proving to be one of the most effective business development tools on the web. In a nutshell it is using and distributing appropriate content to attract customers. The ultimate goal of this is a profitable interaction between you. Achieving this requires a steady stream of high quality material distributed across many platforms. Appropriate analytics reports measure the results making best use of your efforts.

We can either provide you with an entire content marketing campaign or specific items to fit in with your self managed solution.

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